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Check Out Chico! Nomad Tote

The Nomad Tote by Chico bags is a go-to for travel lusts and home-bodies alike! Although it's very light weight, it can hold up to 40 pounds making it a great for sports equipment, a baby bag, a weekend away or just a trip to the grocery! The Nomad Tote is also supported by side piping and a gusseted bottom to keep it from becoming too flimsy. Just like the Travel Pack, the nomad tote can be completely folded up to fit into an inside pocket for easy storage and is safe to use in the washing machine. Laura found this bag to be super handy at the Natural Foods Expo in Baltimore, as a great storage bag for all her samples and new products to bring home! No matter what you're doing in life, we think the Nomad Tote would be a great addition to your next adventure- so come check out Chico at FCM!

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