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Diaries of a Neanderthal

Food diaries that is- yep I'm talking paleo! Paleo can be a scary idea for those that are unfamiliar with this relatively new trend, but let me put your nerves to ease.

I am NOT going to tell you that you should immediately adopt a strict paleolithic diet, ice cream is an indulgence you can never afford or that you are going to have to eat raw vegetables for the rest of your life!

Deep Breath.

Now that you can relax, let me tell you what the paleo diet actually is. The Paleo movement was founded by Dr. Loren Cordain, author, professor and scientist. Cordain based this diet on that of the hunter and gatherers. This includes meats, fish and poultry, vegetables, fruit and nuts. Grains, dairy, legumes and refined sugars are a no-no on the paleo diet. Essentially, you are eating a diet which is high in protein and (mostly healthy) fat, but low in carbohydrates.

There are several benefits from consuming a Paleo diet. It lowers the risk of chronic disease, increases fiber intake and improves blood triglyceride levels. A study done by the University of California at San Francisco found that in obese patients who followed a Paleo diet for just 10 days saw reductions in blood pressure and cholesterol as well as increased insulin sensitivity (if you're not familiar with diabetes-talk, this means your body is starting to process carbohydrates like it should!).

At Full Circle Market, we are Paleo-friendly! In addition to all our dried fruit, nuts, kale salads and farm fresh meats and eggs, we recently added Steve's Paleogoods Dried Mangos and Paleokrunch in original and pumpkin flavors- just in time for fall! All products are also gluten free and made from wholesome ingredients that you probably have in your own kitchen. (no un-pronouncable chemical additives here!) So come see us at FCM and pick up a delicious paleo snack while you're here!

Ps. Even though the Paleo diet has lots of benefits, it is not perfect. It is below the recommended dietary allowance in both calcium and Vitamin D, and a supplement should be considered for long-term paleo dieters.


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