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Moving Towards Healthy!

Developing a healthy lifestyle not only depends on our nutrition habits, but also our activity habits! We all know how good exercising is for us, and we could all probably name several benefits of exercise. I would even venture to say that most of us even feel better when we do exercise- so that leaves us with the question, why is it so hard to actually DO it!?

One of the most difficult parts of developing a regular exercise routine is the lack of accountability. It's easy to talk ourselves out of aerobics class after a long, hard day a work. However, when you're planning on meeting a friend at that aerobics class, you feel more obligated to go!

Another excuse we always give ourselves is that we never have enough time! While this may be partially true, there is always time to squeeze in some physical activity to your day. Although, it may take some creativity! Perhaps packing your tennis shoes to work and taking a brisk lunch-break walk could be the only exercise you get one day- and that's OK! There's also endless amounts of exercise videos available online, many for free, available at whatever amount of time you have on hand! Your physical activity doesn't have to be running a marathon everyday, and the little things really do add up!

Here in Winchester, there are many ways to get active! We have several outdoor walking trails, all of which are free and open to the public during daylight hours. Other great options include our local YMCA and Clark County Parks and Recreation Center. Both offer a wide variety of group exercise classes and have indoor gymnasiums with open gym hours available. If you're interested in workout equipment facilities, you might check out Fitness Solutions Gym, Anytime Fitness, Transformation Personal Training or Thoroughbred Gymnastics. Additionally, we also have The OM Place Yoga Studio and Barre Fitness, specialty workout facilities.

There truly is something for everyone- so grab a buddy and start moving towards your health!

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