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Brookview Beef Farms

One of our most popular food products here at Full Circle is our local beef from Brookview Beef Farms! I (Kayla) was given the opportunity to tour this 600-acre local farm, owned and operated by the Douglas Owens and his wife, Jenny.

This farm's history dates back to the 1770's when it was originally inherited as a wedding gift, and has housed everything from cattle and work horses to fighting chickens! The Brookview beef solely comes from Devon cows, which is a relatively smaller and leaner breed of beef cattle. Doug chose this breed of cattle because it is most similar to the Herferd Angus breed, which is what was bred on the farm all throughout the 1900's.

There are actually several benefits to having a smaller cow. Because it is a smaller breed of cow it is also much more efficient to produce, meaning they work well as a fully grass-fed animal and they reproduce efficiently. Most beef cattle in the U.S. weigh about 1500-1600 pounds at the time they are sold for meat, but the Devon tops out at about 1200 pounds. Although there is less meat on each cow, it is generally better quality.

One attributing factor to the high quality of Brookview Beef is the low levels of lactic acid in the meat. Lactic acid is a by-product of glucose breakdown, which is what happens when we exert energy. Devon cows are such a docile and tame breed, they exert less energy leaving less lactic acid residue in their muscles, which can make meat tough and chewy.

However, the Brookview Beef's greatest compliment is on the tenderness of the meat. Doug accounts this to the quality of fat in his cows. Their entirely grass diet actually alters the ratio of omega-6 fats to omega-3 (heart healthy) fats in the meat. Cows that are finished or fed on corn will have less of the omega-3 healthy fats because of the nitrogen in their corn feed. Brookview's Devons have more healthy omega-3 fats and less omega-6 fats!

Brookview Farms creates a great, high quality food product we have come to know and love here at Full Cicle, and we hope that you will too! If you're interested in trying out their meat we have several options for you at FCM!

Ground Beef- $6.99/lb

Stew Meat- $7.49/lb

Beef Bones- $5.99/lb

And arriving in store next week, we will have Chuck Roast and Shoulder Roast!

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