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Check Out Chico! Bottle Sling, Sidekick and Original

Even when you're not out foraging the wilderness and conquering the world, you still need all your hands and wits about you doing the daily things. Chico has the solution for that too!

First, the bottle sling is perfect for the commute to work, school and your nightly walk, jog, bike or whatever you do to stay active! It will hold most 12 to 64 ounce bottles and even has extra pockets for keys, money, etc.

Next, the Sidekick and Original Chico bags are great for everyday trips to the grocery, exercise classes, work presentations, or anywhere else you might need a lightweight and convenient tote for your belongings. The sidekick is a cross-body bag and has a button at the top to secure items. It also rolls up and buttons for easy storage. The Original Chico Bag (that started it all!) holds up to 25 pounds and can be stuffed into a built-in pouch for easy storage.

All three of these handy bags are available at Full Circle in a variety of colors and patterns! So stop by FCM and Check out Chico!

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