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Hydrating with Hydro Flask

Hydration is of utmost importance, but especially with these 80 and 90 degree temperatures we have been having lately here in the Bluegrass! It can be difficult to get enough fluids in each day, but it's so much easier when I have my Hydro Flask around!

Hydro Flask is a company based out of Portland, Oregon, that makes a very unique line of "water bottles". The great thing about the Hydro Flasks is that they keep your cold drink cold and your hot drink hot- guaranteed! In fact, Hydro Flask guarantees to keep a cold drink cold for at least 24 hours despite environmental conditions. How do they do it? Hydro Flask uses a vacuum insulated technology to maintain the temperature of your drink. Not only are they good for hot or cold use, they have a non-slip charcoal finish that makes for an easy grip!

Another great feature of Hydro Flasks are the wide variety of styles and colors! They are available in 12 ounce up to 40 ounce containers, but are all fitted with the same mouth so you can choose your desired lid (or lids!) Personally, I love to use my Hydro Flask for hot tea in the mornings with my Hydro Flip Lid, and then I switch to water in the afternoons with the Straw Lid!

Hydro Flasks are a great accessory to any adventure, workplace, classroom or commute! Don't let this lingering heat get you down and stay hydrated with Hydro Flask!

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